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While what the government calls the “cultural exception” —that French culture won’t be left to the ravages of the market—is certainly understandable, it can have unintended side effects, like insulating the French population from linguistic awareness they need in a world increasingly dominated by English.Almost to a person, the French who are bilingual credit English-language television with their success.Most damning of all was the first “European Survey on Language Competences,” which placed France second to last, only ahead of the United Kingdom.

Just send it in for a free price quote and a time estimate the same day.“The linguistic incompetence of the French is a recurring joke at European summits and in international businesses,” Noosphere founder Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry wrote on the French website Atlantico after Hollande’s “friendly” note.Rankings have consistently shown France trailing its European neighbors in mastery of foreign language, and not just the highly-educated paradises in the northern part of the continent like Denmark and Sweden.In 2009, Sarkozy presented an “emergency plan” to improve the situation, calling for more native English-speaking teachers in France, initiating more contact between French students and English speakers, and moving from written to oral exams to encourage more speaking.Vincent Peillon, the current minister of education, has called French’s students results in foreign language “particularly alarming,” and has proposed a grand project for the “refoundation of the school system.”As Peillon’s propsal heads into debate in the national assembly next week, French journalist Grégoire Fleurot set out to get to the bottom of France’s language problem, publishing a three-part series on, the French cousin of the American online magazine, titled, “Les Français sont nuls en anglais.” Fleurot examines the structural factors that contribute to weakness in foreign languages, and, like others, he thinks there are dozens of small anxieties in French education and society that discourage students from achieving what the common European language framework calls an “independent” level.

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, which had just delighted a group of French tourists and New York Francophiles.