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Site web analytics not updating sharepoint 2010

Also included in the Explorer are a variety of import functions to bring existing Share Point items into your active solution.The Content area includes advanced templates such as Linq to Share Point, Custom Action or Delegate Control.The current 2.0 release includes the following features: This Code Plex site serves as the place to get project news and source code.The extensions themselves are distributed through the Visual Studio Gallery.

However this is a one-time-per-install effort, and the trade-off includes hours saved and better spent elsewhere (see lunch above) and an avoidance of the risks involved (typos, missed settings etc.) during manual installations.

There are no components that need to be installed into production environments.

If you have a great idea for a deployment tool, template or any other thing that you believe increases developer productivity, contribute!

Built around the core concept of extensibility the Share Point project model allows you to extend every aspect of the out of the box experience.

The CKS Development Tools Edition fully embraces the extensibility model to enable you in ways not available out of the box, with tools and templates that enhance the development experience to make you a more productive Share Point developer.

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Using these extensions you will be able to find relevant information from your Share Point environments without leaving Visual Studio.

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